The Campaign Board

The Campaign Board is made up of those who have already made a financial commitment to the project and have agreed to help us approach and engage others.

Our current members include governors, alumnae, former parents and representatives from every year group of South Hampstead.

Board Members:

Charlotte & Peter Bolland
Steve & Michelle Curtis
David & Mrs Kirsten Fear
Tilly Franklin
Simon and Claudia Goodman
Lars & Annick Huber
Verdi & Maria Israelyan
Robert Laurence
Joel & Suzanne McDonald
Charles and Laura Mindenhall
Keith & Shauna Moss
Elizabeth Nisbet
Anthony & Jaqueline Todd
Ben & Susannah Whitmore

Board_02_concept- landscape.jpg

The Campaign Committee

Parents, staff and friends of South Hampstead who have volunteered their time and expertise to help us fundraise. Projects include the film, 3D model, the ‘Shine a Light’ society and appeal and a series of events and an auction planned for the campaign launch.

Chris Alaru, Monica Allan, Allison Bright, Steve Collisson, Leann Cripps, Michelle Curtis, Claudia Goodman, Fiona Hurst, Julia Keller, Sascha Lowdermilk-Oppenheim, Jane Lyons, Ashwina Manglani, Amy Rynehart/Gelber, Lucy Sanderse, Suji Scalpello/Naik , Carly Selby, Jessica Sokel/Learmond-Criqui, Charlotte Sterling, Seema Wadhwani, Sophie Whitworth