Our pupils

Over the past few months our pupils have been speaking out about the Waterlow Hall project at events, in our film and around the school and community


Jane (Yr 12) Debating

‘I’m a keen debater and the Waterlow Hall project will make a big difference. We’re already establishing ourselves as a successful school at competitions but having our own state of the art space to host events of different sizes will provide wonderful opportunities, allowing more practice and encouraging more girls to be involved in public speaking. We are all encouraged to speak up and speaking out is an integral part of being a South Hampstead pupil - we’re not known for being quiet!

The new Waterlow Hall will keep encouraging this spirit, a place for girls to debate and speak in front of an audience as well as somewhere to listen to some of the most interesting and influential people of today give talks. ‘


Sophie (Yr 3)

Sophie did a beautiful design for our Shine a Light postcard competition and wrote these words on the back of her card. She can’t wait to see the new hall.

Cuthbertson Sophie 3Sback.jpeg