Shine bright

The design is for a visually stunning centre where pupils and staff can learn, rehearse, perform and welcome the world outside to share intellectual thinking and creating talents.

Board_04_32368_07_SU_04 Sections_1.jpg

A Steinway D Grand Piano:

The hall will become home to our fabulous new piano which will enhance the performance of our pupils as well as attracting professional musicians.

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Acoustic Panelling:

The walls will be lined with vertical timber panelling and the walls, ceiling and technical gantry will be designed to optimise the reflecion, absorption and diffusion of sound. 

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Retractable Seating:

Retractable tiered seating will bring the audience and performer closed together. With a capacity for up to 574, we can use the hall for any type of event or performance.

Technical Gantry:

A gantry will surround the hall and allow for lighting and technical support for productions and provide safe and secure access for pupils to learn about backstage areas of theatre and concert productions.


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Feature Lighting:

Integrated LED lighting can be controlled to create the right environment for all uses ranging from exam conditions to evening events.

Storage & Support:

The heating and ventilation strategy will ensure a comfortable environment in all conditions and unsightly services will be integrated within the timber panels, creating functional systems without compromising the design aesthetic.