Friendship Forever and Poetry about Performing


A wonderful evening with life-long friends, Allie Esiri and Helena Bonham Carter, as they shared their South Hampstead story illustrated by a ‘desert island’ selection of poetry.

‘Poetry will stay with you for life. We use it to help us come to terms with the big things in life: love, friendship, loss, nature, beauty and the passing of time’

It is for evenings like this one that we intend to create a fitting stage. If you would like to help us please visit our support us page and join us in creating the next generation of great performers.

A poem about performing

There is quite a difference between being entertained, 
And entertaining.
It's very similar to the art of writing.
And there is an 'art' to it.

There has to be a love connection.
An emotional committment.
A joy that is heartfelt.
And a devotion that is inseparable.

If those factors aren't there...
Becoming a critic is less involving.
Less challenging.
And requires far less talent! 

Being able to use one's body and mind, 
Is a gift.
Especially if one has to tolerate...
The creativity expressed coming from critic's lips.