Pick up a penguin...

We were delighted to recognise two parents who have given huge support to the Waterlow Hall campaign with the presentation of a South Hampstead penguin.

Our penguins were commissioned from the Belgian artist William Sweetlove to celebrate the completion and opening of the senior school building in 2014. The colony of life-size blue and gold penguins, dotted throughout the school, has been providing an injection of colour and humour ever since, even inspiring the name of our student magazine.

The artist chose the penguin, complete with water-bottle backpack, to typify the school’s somewhat quirky and irreverent outlook. Our pupils, just like penguins, are quick, resilient and highly social; eager to dive in, and displaying excellent vision in choppy water, each has their own distinct call. As one of the few species where males and females share the chick-rearing, penguins possess an egalitarian outlook which resonates well at South Hampstead. Interestingly, penguins have more feathers than the average bird.

As part of the commission, the artist moulded a number of smaller, limited-edition replicas of the original sculptures. These are proudly presented to members of our community who have made a significant and important contribution to the school.

Thank you.