Alumnae support for the Waterlow Hall Project

Over the summer, several Alumnae got in touch to find out more about the Waterlow Hall project having read about it in our alumnae magazine 'Resplendens'.

Mona Bayard who left South Hampstead in 1963 contacted us to find out how to support the campaign:

'It is wonderful, and surprising, how easy it has turned out to be to take part in this project which is so close to my heart - my heart as a student, with fond memories of directing our class entry in the drama competition ("Noah" by Andre Obey Act 1) and enjoying the small role of Polixenes in the school play of the "Winter's Tale."

Mona lives in the US and made her donation through the British Schools and Universities Fund which allows her to make a tax free gift from the USA. If you would like to find out more about making a gift from overseas, please just contact or visit SupportUs