A showcase for our ambition

We were delighted to welcome Governors, Campaign Ambassadors and some of those who have already supported the Waterlow Hall project to join us in the woods on Tuesday evening. It was a wonderful way to show what the girls can achieve in a transformed hall and a very good advertisement for the need for some comfortable retractable seats!

You can make a donation and ‘Take a Seat’ in our new Waterlow Hall here


It's dark in the woods - Shine a Light

Girls have been busy all week promoting their ‘Shine a Light’ appeal at the ‘Into the Woods’ performances. They have already raised over £1,000 towards the Waterlow Hall project so, if you have tickets for tonight, look out for the postcards and visit the Shine a light table during the interval.

If you would like to support them and our project you can donate through ParentPay or online at ‘Shine a Light’.

Shine a light 2.JPG
Shine a light.JPG

Year 7 pupils lead the way on our Shine a Light fundraising

Two year 7 girls have already committed to raising £150 for the Waterlow Hall and will become our very first ‘Shine a light’ pupils. Clara (whose name means light) is doing a sponsored swim next Sunday and you can support her here. Ella worked hard over the holiday and is donating all her earnings to buy a light.

We have already raised £2 million towards our £3 million target and now every penny counts. If you would like to get involved Support Us or contact development@shhs.gdst.net.

Find out more about the ‘Shine a Light’ appeal here.

Lights 4.jpg

Don't miss out on your tax relief

If you are about to file your tax return, don’t forget that a donation paid now and therefore paid in the tax year ended 5 April 2019 can be carried back and relieved in the tax year ended 5 April 2018 by including it in your 17/18 tax return before filing it.  The donation must be paid ( and not just pledged) in order to claim the relief.

You can make a donation to the Waterlow Hall Campaign here


First postcard in for our 'Shine a Light' competition

It was lovely to get the first entry to our Design a postcard competition in this morning. Thank you Riva.

Don’t forget that you have until Friday 1st to submit your design. The winning entries will all receive their own light within the new Waterlow Hall and the pupils whose postcard generates the most donations will be recognised by having their name added to one of our new retractable seats within the hall.

Mehta, Riva (SHHS-2024).jpeg.jpg

Who'll be the first?

First meeting of our pupil led ‘Shine a Light’ club today with lots of ideas on how to encourage people to get involved and sell the lights that will make up the ceiling in the Waterlow Hall.

We are looking for girls who will commit to raising £150 to secure their own light - Run a mile, do a sponsored dive, bake cakes for cash - you can choose how you do it and there will be a prize for the first girl to secure her light and for the girl who raises the most money.

Email : development@shhs.gdst.net for your fundraising pack


Friendship Forever and Poetry about Performing


A wonderful evening with life-long friends, Allie Esiri and Helena Bonham Carter, as they shared their South Hampstead story illustrated by a ‘desert island’ selection of poetry.

‘Poetry will stay with you for life. We use it to help us come to terms with the big things in life: love, friendship, loss, nature, beauty and the passing of time’

It is for evenings like this one that we intend to create a fitting stage. If you would like to help us please visit our support us page and join us in creating the next generation of great performers.

A poem about performing

There is quite a difference between being entertained, 
And entertaining.
It's very similar to the art of writing.
And there is an 'art' to it.

There has to be a love connection.
An emotional committment.
A joy that is heartfelt.
And a devotion that is inseparable.

If those factors aren't there...
Becoming a critic is less involving.
Less challenging.
And requires far less talent! 

Being able to use one's body and mind, 
Is a gift.
Especially if one has to tolerate...
The creativity expressed coming from critic's lips.