Shine a light

The Waterlow Hall Fundraising Campaign provides a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to get involved with a live project and learn some of the key skills needed in marketing, communications and fundraising.

Next term, we will be launching a new society called ‘Shine a Light’. Over the course of the spring and summer terms, girls will get a chance to learn about some of the key phases involved in creating an integrated strategy for fundraising and then have the chance to put their ideas into action for our Shine a Light appeal. In a results led world there may even be rewards for the ideas that have the greatest impact and raise the most money.

If you are interested in taking part then please contact

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Friendship Forever and Poetry about Performing


A wonderful evening with life-long friends, Allie Esiri and Helena Bonham Carter, as they shared their South Hampstead story illustrated by a ‘desert island’ selection of poetry.

‘Poetry will stay with you for life. We use it to help us come to terms with the big things in life: love, friendship, loss, nature, beauty and the passing of time’

It is for evenings like this one that we intend to create a fitting stage. If you would like to help us please visit our support us page and join us in creating the next generation of great performers.

A poem about performing

There is quite a difference between being entertained, 
And entertaining.
It's very similar to the art of writing.
And there is an 'art' to it.

There has to be a love connection.
An emotional committment.
A joy that is heartfelt.
And a devotion that is inseparable.

If those factors aren't there...
Becoming a critic is less involving.
Less challenging.
And requires far less talent! 

Being able to use one's body and mind, 
Is a gift.
Especially if one has to tolerate...
The creativity expressed coming from critic's lips. 

Breakfast Drop-in - Junior School Tuesday 20th November

If you are new to South Hampstead or just haven’t had a chance to see our exciting plans for the Waterlow Hall come and ‘drop in’ on Tuesday 20th November. The plans, film and model will be on display in the assembly hall at no 12 Netherhall Gardens from 8.00am until 9.00am and everyone is welcome. For more information contact or visit our events page.


Towards and Beyond our 150th anniversary

In 2026, South Hampstead High School will celebrate its 150th anniversary. We hope that the new Waterlow Hall will be the launch pad for key new initiatives that we will introduce over the next eight years and will be the focus for our celebrations in 2026.

‘Towards and Beyond our 150th anniversary’ is our masterplan for the future of South Hampstead High School. We hope you will join with us to make our vision a reality.


We have been talking to lots of parents over the past few weeks about the project and it is great to hear such positive comments like this one from a year 11 parent:

‘I have seen, first hand, the transformative effect of a wonderful hall - every student in the school saw and felt the benefits on an almost daily basis - also the wider community too - its become a hub of community and school life.  The whole SHHS community needs a dynamic hall like this - there is no question about that. I have everything crossed that everyone is as generous as they can possibly be and the final phase can go full steam ahead.'  

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Pick up a penguin...

We were delighted to recognise two parents who have given huge support to the Waterlow Hall campaign with the presentation of a South Hampstead penguin.

Our penguins were commissioned from the Belgian artist William Sweetlove to celebrate the completion and opening of the senior school building in 2014. The colony of life-size blue and gold penguins, dotted throughout the school, has been providing an injection of colour and humour ever since, even inspiring the name of our student magazine.

The artist chose the penguin, complete with water-bottle backpack, to typify the school’s somewhat quirky and irreverent outlook. Our pupils, just like penguins, are quick, resilient and highly social; eager to dive in, and displaying excellent vision in choppy water, each has their own distinct call. As one of the few species where males and females share the chick-rearing, penguins possess an egalitarian outlook which resonates well at South Hampstead. Interestingly, penguins have more feathers than the average bird.

As part of the commission, the artist moulded a number of smaller, limited-edition replicas of the original sculptures. These are proudly presented to members of our community who have made a significant and important contribution to the school.

Thank you.


Inspiring spaces - Inspiring pupils

Last week we met a number of senior school parents who joined us for Campaign Board receptions to talk about the Waterlow Hall project and the fundraising. These events are specifically aimed at generating support for our campaign and huge thanks go to the very generous hosts of these events and parents who gave up their time to join us. We have more receptions planned over the next few weeks (see Events) and if you would like to be included on the guest list, let us know at

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Breakfast Drop-In - Wednesday 3rd October

If you are new to South Hampstead or just haven’t had a chance to see our exciting plans for the Waterlow Hall come and ‘drop in’ this Wednesday morning. The plans, film and model will be on display in the current Waterlow Hall at the Senior School from 8.00am until 9.00am and anyone is welcome. It is also a great opportunity to see what we have done so far. For more information contact or visit our events page.


Stage 2 complete and £1 million committed to our new hall - Thank you

We are delighted to let you know that as of today, over £1 million has been pledged and raised towards the Waterlow Hall development. This is a huge achievement and comes on the very day that the Hall re-opens after the completion of the stage 2 works.

Everything is now ready for us to move to the final stage and we hope to do this in July 2019 as long as we can raise the money needed. If you would like to get involved with our fundraising campaign, please contact or visit our support us page

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Alumnae support for the Waterlow Hall Project

Over the summer, several Alumnae got in touch to find out more about the Waterlow Hall project having read about it in our alumnae magazine 'Resplendens'.

Mona Bayard who left South Hampstead in 1963 contacted us to find out how to support the campaign:

'It is wonderful, and surprising, how easy it has turned out to be to take part in this project which is so close to my heart - my heart as a student, with fond memories of directing our class entry in the drama competition ("Noah" by Andre Obey Act 1) and enjoying the small role of Polixenes in the school play of the "Winter's Tale."

Mona lives in the US and made her donation through the British Schools and Universities Fund which allows her to make a tax free gift from the USA. If you would like to find out more about making a gift from overseas, please just contact or visit SupportUs

The Transformation of Waterlow Hall : STAGE 2 PROGRESS

The ceiling has been stripped out and a new acoustic lining added to the roof of the Waterlow Hall. The structure for the technical gantry is already in place and new doors are about to arrive. Once decoration is complete, stage 2 of the redevelopment will be finished and the hall will be back in use. Now all we have to do is raise the remaining balance of our £3 million target to be able to complete the transformation. If you would like to get involved please visit Support Us

 Painting the new acoustic ceiling and putting in the gantry

Painting the new acoustic ceiling and putting in the gantry