Find out what our staff, pupils and notable South Hampstead alumnae think about the project and how much it means to them.

Hannah Mulder.JPG

Hannah Mulder(SHHS 1998)

“South Hampstead gave me the opportunity to discover what I loved doing and to value the creative work alongside the more academic work.”

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Gemma Rosefield (SHHS 1999)

‘Environment can have a huge impact on performance and aspiration. Music played a huge part in my life at South Hampstead and the proposed Waterlow Hall will be a truly inspiring venue. I am honoured to support the campaign for this project and help South Hampstead make this vision a reality’

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Daisy lowe 3.jpg

Daisy Lowe (SHHS 2006)

‘Music and art are my passions and fashion has always fascinated me. I am so lucky to work in an area where there is so much that links all three. South Hampstead was the foundation of those passions. I think the new Waterlow Hall will be a fabulous addition to the school and a real opportunity to build and showcase the pupils’ abilities in all these areas.’

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Helena Bonham Carter.jpg

Helena Bonham Carter (SHHS 1984)

“As an actress, I have the opportunity to be everyone, to try on everyone’s shoes. It is a wonderful way to build an understanding of the world.”

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Joanna MacGregor
(SHHS 1978)

‘South Hampstead gave me the opportunity to be bold, and explore my creative interests in a supportive, knowledgeable environment. I had the gift of a free education, encouraging me to be academically ambitious, and introducing me to a world of ideas and possibilities.’

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Charlie Ely 3.jpg

Charlie Ely (SHHS 2007)

‘The performing arts are so important - creativity is so important - to personal and professional development, whatever career you choose.’

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Despina 2.png

Despina Tsatsas (SHHS 2000)

"Theatre at South Hampstead laid the groundwork for my career. Through the leadership of our drama, music and art teachers we learned vital lessons about the collaboration and joy of making something in a group, as well as experiencing first hand the impact of creative expression.

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Lilah Fear (SHHS 2017)

'I was well prepared for everything by my time at SHHS. I learned a lot about leadership as part of the Head Girl Team and loved my time as a Music Scholar. The music department at SHHS is truly inspirational and I know it and the whole school would benefit greatly from the Waterlow Project.'

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